AquaMaster PRO – Water Softener, Filter Repair And Installation In Calgary

Benner Plumbing Calgary is proud to feature AquaMaster PRO professional, high efficiency water softeners. AquaMaster PRO professional water softeners use patented high efficiency design that conserves water and salt during regeneration. See how these water softeners could be right for you:

Conserve water: AquaMaster PRO uses less than 20 gallons of water per regeneration. That is 80% less water than conventional softeners for equivalent hardness removed.

Save salt: AquaMaster PRO also uses 40% less salt than the salt efficiency requirement for NSF certification. Also accepts potassium chloride as an alternative to salt.

Reduce iron: Models 50 and 51 reduces up to 10 ppm of ferrous iron.

Reduce chlorine: Exclusive whole-home refiner, model 55, reduces chlorine taste and odour.

Rapid regeneration: AquaMaster PRO regenerates quietly, only when needed, in as little as 20 minutes, compared to up to two hours for conventional softeners.

Easy installation: User friendly controller and built-in bypass valve.

Reliable operation: For quality assurance every unit is tested completely at the factory.

These innovative feature save water, salt and money:

  1. User friendly controller monitors water usage: Just enter your water hardness number and the controller does the rest automatically.
  2. Bypass valve: Factory installed, easy to operate and accepts standard copper fittings.
  3. Built-in dirt and sediment filter: Exclusive self-cleaning media filter to 20 microns, never buy another cartridge filter.
  4. High capacity fine mesh resin
  5. Exclusive distribution system
  6. Unique safety shut-off valve

We also do water softener repair and installation of AquaMaster pro service in Cochrane, Okotoks, Aidrie and Chestermere.

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