We are pleased to offer

High effeciency
water softeners
from Novo

Supplied & installed
for the special price of
$1,895 plus GST

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Benner Plumbing - Calgary's Plumbing Specialists, providing fast, efficient and courteous service and selection to both residential and commercial clients since 1967.

We are very proud to provide our customers with one of the largest selection of replacement parts for all of your plumbing requirements. We stock all ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT PARTS where possible, and many other repair parts to repair older and discontinued products.

Benner Plumbing also has a luxury showroom, and displays products from fine manufacturers such as Grohe, Toto, HansGrohe, Blanco and Bain Ultra just to name a few. We also offer installation services on all of our products that we sell.

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Steam baths are one of the best ways to improve your home and your enjoyment of your home, along with helping to cure common body ailments. If you want a special place to relax, restore and renew body, mind and soul, adding a steam bath is truly “therapy for life”. Continue reading to see some [...]

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Benner Plumbing Calgary is proud to feature AquaMaster PRO professional, high efficiency water softeners. AquaMaster PRO professional water softeners use patented high efficiency design that conserves water and salt during regeneration. See how these water softeners could be right for you: Conserve water: AquaMaster PRO uses less than 20 gallons of water per regeneration. That [...]

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